The only one gallery in japan , dealing japanese contemporary art,we call <NEO-JAPO>,base on traditional style but completely contemporary arts,bangkok post wrote about us  <RETURN to TRADITION>

in japan almost arts is base on traditional japanese style or western style fine or contemporary some artists not have space to live in japan.that is reason why we started SYSTEMA GALLERY,and we show <NEO-JAPO> to all over the world in museum,biennare,art fair,in abroad galleries in many ways.Off couse we did many exhibition in our gallery japan and kathmandu also.

私たちのギャラリーは、きわめて日本的な文化を色濃く表現するアーテイストたちを扱い、ヨーロッパにも、アメリカにも対峙して、遜色のない<NIPPON-ism> というものを世界にアピールしてゆくことを、そのコンセプトとしています。

Japanese contemporary art has become unique voice 

that is like no other in the contemporary world,it 

melds tradition and modanity,re -interprets the 

present with its cultual innovation,concocting 

the most distincitive aesthetics.