triennare de paris


the others < LA STAMPA> 現地新聞

wrote by tiziana platzer






«I do not recur, I believe, to expose my works in a prison. It is amazing the effect» and says with a contagious enthusiasm, looking around while the cell open arm begins to fill with people. Comes from Osaka Katsu Ishida, his gallery is called «Systema» and although it tightens the neck scarf and laments the pungent air of the third floor of the former prison New, did not fear the saying will happen as in the past, the audience rises and the temperature rises. True, it happens so. And knowing it does make a big smile to the artist that creates not only paintings, but also the canvases on which extends the colors, overlapping different material, he is one of 49 exhibitors from cells smeared in 60 exhibition fair «The Others» is open until Sunday in unusual hours: from 18 to 1 am. A successful inaugural opening with dj sets, which are repeated every evening from 22.30 and that are preceded, in theatre and in what was the prison of the arms, different performance: while the project «National Dinner» begins to distribute falafel wrapped in micro-boxes that identify Israel and Palestine, some musicians try cellists and synthesizers, and a girl from Pasty try accompanyment text to a guitar. A creative universe in amazing scenery widens to individual exhibitions, cell by cell: photographs, paintings, comics, suspended metal cages, bulbs designed as «Baraka» for mosquitoes: and upon every grey door wide open the word choice to fight the crisis: evolution-procreation-creativity-escape. Art escape of young collectives, there to sell their works, but even earlier to get to know and experience a place hardly also apparent elsewhere.